Hi! My name is Paradise!

I’m looking for a new home! Please adopt me ❤️

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🐾 Status – Available for Adoption 🏷️ Price – $2,760 🐈 BreedRussian Blue ⭐ Gender – Male ⭐ Color – Blue ⭐ Date of Birth – February 2, 2024 ✔️ Breeder Info – Verified Breeder

Paradise: A Charming and Lovable Purebred Russian Blue Kitten

Introducing Paradise, the charming and lovable purebred Russian Blue kittens. With his soft fur and affectionate nature, Paradise is a true delight who will capture your heart and become a beloved family member.

Paradise’s plush coat, round face, and distinctive features are hallmarks of the Russian Blue breed, adding to his graceful and endearing appearance. His round eyes reflect his affectionate nature and gentle spirit.

At just a few months old, Paradise has already captivated everyone with his sweet demeanor and playful antics. Whether exploring his surroundings or curling up for a cuddle, Paradise promises to bring joy and companionship to your home ❤️.

Need More Info About Paradise?

🌟 Adoption Package Includes:

⭐ One Year Genetic Health Guarantee
⭐ Veterinary Health Certificate
✔️ Pet Passport

✔️ FPRCV Vaccines
✔️ Deworming
✔️ Rabies Shot
✔️ Microchip

🚚 Our Delivery Options:

FREE Airport Pickup in Los Angeles (LAX)

We provide FREE shipping to Los Angeles (LAX).

🍼 Comfort on the Journey: Your kitten’s comfort is our priority! We provide food, water, and care during transit.

📦 Easy Pickup Process: We’ll handle the flight booking and provide all necessary details. Just show your ID and Air Waybill number at the airline’s desk.

✈️ Cargo Plane Delivery Service

We offer convenient cargo plane delivery for deliveries to airports not listed above for $580.

🍼 Comfort for Your Kittens: They will receive the utmost care during their journey. We provide food, water, and comfort to ensure a stress-free experience.

📦 Effortless Pickup Process: Leave the logistics to us! We’ll handle the flight booking and provide all the necessary details. Present your ID and Air Waybill (AWB) number at the airline’s facility for easy pickup.

Companion Courier Service

With this delivery service, our dedicated courier accompanies your kitten throughout the entire flight, ensuring their safety and comfort.

💼 Comprehensive Care: Your kitten will have personalized attention from our courier during the journey.

💰 Price: The price for our companion service is $970. Please note that exclusions may apply, depending on the destination.

📝 Effortless Pickup Process: We take care of all the arrangements, including flight booking and providing necessary information for pickup.

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