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Khrystyna Andrusiak and her cat


Khrystyna Andrusiak

Editorial Support Specialist, Pet Enthusiast

Hello! My name is Khrystyna, and I am on the American Paws Club team. Currently, I perform the duties of an editorial specialist and am a passionate animal lover.

I’m 26 years old, and since childhood, our family has always had four-legged friends – both dogs and cats. Although not purebred, they were always impressed with their intelligence, obedience, and learning eagerness.

My aunt is currently actively involved in breeding Rottweilers. She takes them to various exhibitions where they repeatedly win prizes.
While Rottweilers are often considered one of the larger and potentially dangerous breeds, they can become incredibly obedient and loyal friends with proper upbringing and training. This belief guides me in the world of editorial support at the American Paws Club.

My goal is to expand knowledge and support our readers in the world of animals and ensure that each informational article is valuable and accessible.

I look forward to receiving your questions and comments and am ready to contribute to creating a vibrant and informative resource for all animal lovers.