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Volodymyr Davniuk


Volodymyr Davniuk

Co-Founder, Pet Enthusiast

Hey everyone, I’m Volodymyr, co-founder of the American Paws Club. The inception of our vision with my friend Stanislav was fueled by a desire to create a valuable resource for pet owners. We’re dedicated to providing trustworthy information, connecting you with top-tier services, vets, and assisting in choosing the best products.

Lessons from Childhood Companions

Growing up with a wire fox terrier named Aza in my family, I gained valuable insights into responsible pet ownership. Aza’s lively offspring, Chock, left memorable moments and even marks on my face and butt, creating lasting memories of a vibrant childhood. We also had Jack, a large German Wirehaired Pointer that was a perfect companion for hunting.

When I was 12, my brother gifted me with a British Shorthair named Janna. Teaching her proved challenging, but the journey was filled with delightful moments and a unique bond.

Each pet brought unique joys and challenges, fostering a profound understanding of their diverse needs.

Alma: A Street Pup Who Touched Our Hearts

Let me share the heartwarming tale of Alma, a street puppy who found her way into our lives. When I stumbled upon her, a connection sparked instantly, and my family graciously allowed her to join our home. Alma’s journey wasn’t without challenges, but her resilience and spirit touched us deeply.

A Vision for American Paws Club

Now, at American Paws Club, my goal is grand: to combat pet homelessness, starting in Ukraine and extending globally. Join me in this exciting venture, as we positively impact the lives of pets worldwide.