ManyPets Pet Insurance Review & Prices

Many Pets Pet Insurance Review

Overall Rating 4.0 / 5

four star review
  • Affordable Premiums
    • For dogs – from $20 
    • For cats –  from $15 
  • Customizable Plans
    • Deductibles: Options available, typically including $250, $500, etc.
    • Reimbursement Rates: Choices such as 70%, 80%, up to 90%
    • Annual Coverage Limits: Often offers unlimited coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
    • Accident & Illness Plans: Covers a wide range of medical issues
    • Special Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions: Unique in the industry
    • Wellness Add-On: For routine and preventive care

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About ManyPets Pet Insurance 🌟

ManyPets Pet Insurance, emerging as a distinctive choice in the pet insurance market, is focused on offering unique and valuable coverage options for pet owners. Recognized for its commitment to transparency and innovative insurance solutions, ManyPets is rapidly gaining attention.

Key Highlights
ManyPets specializes in comprehensive insurance plans for dogs and cats, including coverage for accidents, illnesses, and routine wellness care. A standout feature is its approach to covering pre-existing conditions, providing options where other insurers might not.

Why Choose ManyPets?
ManyPets distinguishes itself with competitive pricing and customer-centric policies. The company offers a significant reduction in waiting periods for new customers switching from other providers and does not raise premiums after claims. These features make ManyPets a viable option for pet owners seeking both value and comprehensive coverage.

A Partner in Pet Wellness
ManyPets is more than just an insurance provider; it’s a partner in pet wellness, offering plans that cover both unexpected and routine pet health needs. With a focus on customer satisfaction, ManyPets ensures a seamless claims process and responsive customer service, making pet care more manageable for owners.

ManyPets Pet Insurance Plans and Coverage🛡️

Explore the diverse and tailored pet insurance plans offered by ManyPets, specifically designed for the well-being of your dogs and cats.

Accident and Illness Plans
ManyPets provides comprehensive Accident and Illness plans, which include a wide range of coverage options. These plans allow customization in deductibles, reimbursement rates, and annual coverage limits, ensuring your pet’s health needs, from diagnostic tests to chronic conditions, are fully covered.

Unique Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions
ManyPets offers coverage for pets with pre-existing conditions under specific circumstances. This feature is particularly beneficial for pet owners who struggle to find coverage due to their pet’s medical history.

Wellness Add-On
ManyPets also offers a wellness care add-on, covering routine expenses such as vaccinations and dental cleanings. This add-on ensures that preventive care is accessible and affordable.

Waiting Periods and Coverage Specifics
Understanding the timelines is crucial — ManyPets has specific waiting periods for accidents and illnesses. Additionally, their policy covering curable pre-existing conditions provides an advantage over many other insurance providers.

ManyPets Pet Insurance Cost 💵

Insurance costs can vary based on factors like your pet’s breed, age, location, and selected coverage options. Here’s a general idea of the average monthly premiums for ManyPets pet insurance
Average Monthly Premiums

Pet Type Coverage Type Average Monthly Premium
Dog Accident & Illness $30
Cat Accident & Illness $25

Additional Costs and Fees

  • Enrollment Fee: Check for any applicable one-time enrollment fees.
  • Payment Processing Fee: May vary based on the payment method.

Customization Options
Tailor your plan according to your needs and budget:

  • Annual Deductible: Options may include $250, $500, etc.
  • Reimbursement Rate: Choose from different rates like 70%, 80%, etc.
  • Annual Coverage Limit: ManyPets typically offers unlimited annual coverage.

Factors Influencing Cost

  1. Breed and Age: Specific breeds and older pets can influence premium rates.
  2. Location: Costs may vary depending on regional veterinary expenses.
  3. Coverage Level: More comprehensive coverage may result in higher premiums.

Discounts and Savings
ManyPets may offer various discounts which can help in reducing the overall insurance cost. Check for any available offers such as:

  • Multi-Pet Discount: Savings for insuring more than one pet.
  • Other Discounts: Look out for special promotions or discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions❓🙋

What types of pet insurance plans does ManyPets offer?

ManyPets offers comprehensive Accident and Illness plans covering a range of medical issues for dogs and cats, as well as optional wellness care add-ons.

Are pre-existing conditions covered by ManyPets?

ManyPets has unique coverage options for pets with pre-existing conditions under certain circumstances, a feature that sets them apart from many insurers.

How does ManyPets' wellness add-on work?

The wellness add-on from ManyPets covers routine and preventive care costs, including vaccinations, dental cleanings, and holistic care options.

What are the deductible options available with ManyPets?

ManyPets provides a range of deductible options, typically including $250, $500, and others, allowing pet owners to choose based on their financial comfort.

What is the average cost of ManyPets insurance for dogs and cats?

On average, ManyPets insurance costs around $20 to $40 per month for dogs and $15 to $35 per month for cats, though this can vary based on several factors.

Are there any discounts available with ManyPets?

ManyPets may offer various discounts, such as multi-pet discounts, though you should check their latest offers for current details.

What is the waiting period for ManyPets insurance coverage?

ManyPets typically has a waiting period for accidents and illnesses, which can be reduced under certain conditions, such as switching from another provider.

Can I visit any vet with ManyPets insurance?

Yes, ManyPets allows you to visit any licensed veterinarian in the United States for covered services.

What is the maximum coverage limit with ManyPets?

ManyPets typically offers unlimited annual coverage, ensuring extensive protection for your pet’s health needs.

Does ManyPets offer coverage for senior pets?

ManyPets provides insurance options for pets of various ages, including senior pets, with certain conditions and coverage specifics tailored to older animals.

How can I get a quote from ManyPets?

You can request a quote from ManyPets by visiting their website by our get a quote link and providing details about your pet, including breed, age, and health status.

ManyPets Pet Insurance Reviews ⭐

Discover why pet owners & trusted companies recommend ManyPets. Read testimonials to explore their experiences with this trusted pet insurance, from Forbes, MarketWatch , Nerdwallet, and so on.


ManyPets offers unique and valuable coverage features, such as reducing the accident and illness waiting period to 24 hours if you switch from another pet insurance company. It also has very competitive pricing, making it worth a look if it’s available in your state.

five star review

CBS News

ManyPets is an affordable pet insurer that provides one accident and injury policy and an optional wellness plan for additional coverage. That means your furry friend can get the care it deserves, and you would only be responsible for your portion of the bill.

CBS News
four star review

Canine Journal

ManyPets is new to the U.S. and isn’t available nationwide yet. Still, its experience in providing insurance in the U.K. and Sweden suggests that it could be an insurance giant in the U.S. after a few more years of experience.

Canine Journal
two stars


ManyPets, formerly known as Bought by Many, is an insurance company founded in London in 2012. It launched pet insurance coverage in 2017 with the aim of giving customers fair, transparent insurance in the digital age. 

four star review

Pawlicy Advisor

ManyPets is a newcomer to the pet insurance industry that offers customizable plans that offer protection against illnesses and accidents. The company also introduces unique coverage features with competitive pricing, but it’s unavailable across the US.

Pawlicy Advisor
five star review


ManyPets pet insurance began as Bought by Many, a company formed in 2012 to address needs across insurance industries. After learning more about the needs of pet owners, the company opted to focus purely on pet insurance.

US News
three and half starts


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