Trupanion Pet Insurance Review & Prices

Trupanion Pet Insurance Review

Overall Rating 4.3 / 5

five star review

Key Features of Trupanion Pet Insurance

  • Affordable Premiums
    • For dogs – average $70
    • For cats – average $40
  • Customizable Plans
    • Deductibles: Range from $0 to $1,000, applied as a lifetime per-condition deductible in most states.
    • Reimbursement Rates: Standard 90% in most states.
    • Annual Coverage Limits: Unlimited coverage, with no caps on payouts.
  • Comprehensive Coverage
    • Accident & Illness Plans: Extensive coverage including hereditary and congenital conditions.
    • Accident-Only Plan: Not typically offered by Trupanion.
    • Optional Wellness Rewards: Trupanion focuses on unexpected medical costs and does not offer a traditional wellness plan.

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About Trupanion Pet Insurance 🐾

Trupanion stands out in the pet insurance market for its direct vet payment option and no payout limits. This approach simplifies the process for pet owners, allowing for more straightforward and efficient veterinary care.

Key Highlights
Trupanion offers a unique insurance plan that covers dogs and cats, focusing on accidents and illnesses, including hereditary and congenital conditions. The plan stands out for its direct vet payment feature, meaning pet owners can avoid high upfront costs at clinics accepting Trupanion payments.

Why Choose Trupanion?
One of the primary reasons to choose Trupanion is its lifetime per-incident deductible structure. This is particularly beneficial for pets with chronic conditions, as it potentially reduces out-of-pocket expenses over time. Trupanion’s plans also offer 90% reimbursement in most states, with no annual, lifetime, or per-incident payout limits, providing comprehensive coverage for your pet’s medical needs.

A Partner in Pet Health
Trupanion aims to be more than just an insurance provider by offering a pet-centric approach. This includes 24/7 customer support and the convenience of direct vet payments, which can alleviate the financial stress of pet care for owners. However, it’s important to note that Trupanion does not cover wellness or preventive care, focusing instead on accidents and illnesses.

Trupanion Pet Insurance Plans and Coverage🛡️

Explore the specialized pet insurance plans offered by Trupanion, tailored to meet the diverse needs of dogs and cats.

Accident and Illness Coverage
Trupanion’s core plan offers comprehensive coverage for various accidents and illnesses. This includes hereditary conditions, congenital issues, and unidentified illnesses causing symptoms like coughing or vomiting. Notably, Trupanion covers treatments such as surgeries, hospital stays, medications, and even non-traditional options like herbal therapy and prosthetics.

Breed-Specific and Congenital Conditions
An important aspect of Trupanion’s coverage is its inclusion of breed-specific and congenital conditions, ensuring comprehensive care regardless of your pet’s genetic predisposition.

Direct Payment Option
A unique feature of Trupanion is its ability to make direct payments to veterinarians. This means less financial burden for pet owners at the time of treatment, although availability may vary by clinic.

Exclusions and Add-Ons
While Trupanion covers a broad range of medical issues, it does not cover wellness or preventive care. There are additional riders available for pets involved in breeding and for extra pet owner assistance benefits, like covering boarding fees if the owner is hospitalized.

Waiting Periods
Trupanion enforces a 5-day waiting period for accidents and a 30-day period for illnesses, ensuring prompt coverage post-enrollment.

No Coverage Limits
One of the most significant advantages of Trupanion is the absence of coverage limits, offering unlimited payouts without any caps on reimbursement.

Trupanion Pet Insurance Cost 💵

Insurance costs are influenced by factors such as your pet’s breed, age, location, and the selected coverage options. Here’s a breakdown of the average monthly premiums for Trupanion’s pet insurance:
Average Monthly Premiums:

Pet Type Coverage Type Average Monthly Premium
Dog Accident & Illness $70
Cat Accident & Illness $40

Additional Costs and Fees

  • Enrollment Fee: Varies by region
  • Monthly Payment Processing Fee: May be applicable depending on the payment plan

Customization Options

  • Deductible: Range from $0 to $1,000, lifetime per condition in most states
  • Reimbursement Rate: Standard 90% in most states
  • Annual Coverage Limit: Unlimited coverage with no caps on payouts

Factors Influencing Cost

  1. Breed: Certain breeds, especially those prone to hereditary conditions, may incur higher premiums.
  2. Age: Older pets typically cost more to insure due to increased health risks.
  3. Location: Regional veterinary costs affect premium rates.

Discounts and Savings

  • Assistance Animal Discount: Available for service animals.
  • No multi-pet discounts are typically offered.

Frequently Asked Questions❓🙋

What is Trupanion pet insurance?

Trupanion is a pet insurance company that provides coverage for unexpected illnesses and injuries for cats and dogs. It’s known for its comprehensive plans and direct payments to vets.

What types of plans does Trupanion offer?

Trupanion offers a single comprehensive plan that covers accidents and illnesses, including hereditary and congenital conditions. They do not typically offer wellness or accident-only plans.

How does Trupanion’s coverage differ from other pet insurance providers?

Trupanion stands out with its direct payment to vets, unlimited payout benefits, and per-condition lifetime deductibles, rather than annual deductibles.

Does Trupanion have age limits for enrollment?

Pets can be enrolled in Trupanion insurance up until their 14th birthday. There is no upper age limit for maintaining coverage.

What is the waiting period for Trupanion policies?

Trupanion has a 5-day waiting period for injuries and a 30-day waiting period for illnesses after policy commencement.

Can Trupanion pay my vet directly?

Yes, Trupanion can make direct payments to your vet at the time of checkout if the veterinary practice is set up for Trupanion’s direct payment system.

Does Trupanion offer wellness or preventive care coverage?

Trupanion focuses on unexpected medical costs and does not offer traditional wellness or preventive care coverage.

How do I file a claim with Trupanion?

You can file a claim through Trupanion’s online portal or app. If your vet is set up for direct payment, they may handle this at the time of your visit.

Are there any discounts available with Trupanion?

Trupanion may offer discounts for service animals but does not typically have multiple pet discounts.

How does Trupanion handle increases in premiums?

Trupanion states that it does not automatically increase rates as pets age, but premiums may change based on the overall cost of veterinary care in your area.

What is Trupanion’s cancellation policy?

You can cancel your Trupanion policy at any time by contacting their customer service. If you cancel within 30 days of starting the policy and haven’t filed a claim, you may be eligible for a full refund of your premium.

Trupanion Pet Insurance Reviews ⭐

Discover why pet owners & trusted companies recommend Trupanion. Read testimonials to explore their experiences with this trusted pet insurance, from Forbes, MarketWatch, Nerdwallet, and so on.


Trupanion offers unlimited annual coverage, no deductible, and flexible reimbursement options to help you work within your budget. It also pays your vet directly, but the plan lacks options other insurers offer, such as wellness coverage and a 24/7 pet health line.

four star review


Trupanion could be an excellent choice for pet owners who don’t want to worry about paying for expensive emergency procedures upfront. The company can pay the vet directly if your veterinarian is one of Trupanion’s partners, a major benefit over other companies.

four star review


Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Seattle, Trupanion operates a bit differently than most pet insurers. Instead of offering an annual deductible that you have to pay each year before you start getting reimbursed, in most states, Trupanion offers per-condition deductibles.

star reviews 4.5


Trupanion was launched in Canada in 2000 with the goal of helping pet owners plan for the unexpected and making those veterinary costs more affordable. With unlimited annual coverage, a 90% reimbursement rate and flexible deductible options, Trupanion is a practical option comprehensive coverage for their dogs and cats.

four star review

Pawlicy Advisor

Many veterinarians recommend Trupanion because they dedicate a significant portion of their company resources to building relationships with veterinary offices. But just because your veterinarian accepts Trupanion doesn’t mean it’s the only option for you as a pet parent.

Pawlicy Advisor
five star review


Trupanion is tied at No. 5 in our rating of the best pet insurance companies. The insurer sells policies for cats and dogs. It was founded in 1998 and has expanded from serving Canadian pet owners to covering pets in the U.S.. American Pet Insurance Company underwrites Trupanion’s U.S. policies.

US News
four star review


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