Can Cats Eat Yogurt?

Jan 4, 2024 | Cats & Kittens | 1 comment

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Yogurt has long been a staple in human diets, valued for its health benefits and versatility. But when it comes to our feline friends, the question arises: Can cats eat yogurt? This article dives into cats and yogurt, addressing common concerns and misconceptions.

Do Cats Enjoy Yogurt?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that cats are naturally drawn to the protein and fats in dairy products, including yogurt. Despite lactose intolerance, which develops after weaning, cats often show interest in dairy. However, the key lies in the type of yogurt and the amount offered.

The Health Benefits of Yogurt for Cats

Yogurt is not just a tasty treat; it can offer several health benefits for cats:

  • Protein-Rich: Cats require a high-protein diet, and yogurt can be a good source.
  • Healthy Bacteria: The probiotics in yogurt aid in digestion and gut health.
  • Nutrient-Dense: Yogurt is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, which is crucial for bone health.

What Type of Yogurt is Best for Cats?

When choosing yogurt for your cat, opt for plain, non-fat varieties. Avoid yogurts with added sugars or artificial sweeteners like xylitol, which are toxic to cats. Greek yogurt is often a better choice due to its lower lactose content and higher protein levels.

How Much Yogurt Can Cats Safely Consume?

Moderation is key. Limiting yogurt intake to three to five tablespoons per week is recommended. Always follow the 90/10 rule: 90% of their diet should be cat food, and 10% or less from treats like yogurt.

Can Kittens Have Yogurt

Introducing Yogurt to Your Cat’s Diet

Before adding yogurt to your cat’s diet, consult with a veterinarian. Start with small amounts and monitor for adverse reactions such as diarrhea or vomiting.

Can Kittens Have Yogurt?

For kittens, yogurt is unnecessary and could upset their sensitive stomachs. Focus on providing a balanced diet suitable for their growth needs.

Alternatives to Yogurt

While yogurt can be a healthy treat, other cat-specific treats may be safer and more nutritionally appropriate. Always prioritize a high-quality diet for overall health and well-being.


While yogurt can be a safe and occasionally beneficial treat for cats, it’s not a dietary necessity. If you offer yogurt, opt for plain, non-fat varieties, and do so in moderation, adhering to the 90/10 rule of cat food to treats.

Always consult your veterinarian before introducing new food items to your cat’s diet. Remember, the primary focus should be maintaining a balanced, high-quality diet tailored to your cat’s health needs.


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Is yogurt safe for all cats?

Generally, plain, non-fat yogurt in small amounts is safe for most cats. However, each cat is different; some may have sensitivities or allergies. Always introduce new foods like yogurt gradually and monitor your cat’s reaction.

Can yogurt help with my cat’s digestive issues?

Yogurt contains probiotics, which can aid in digestion and gut health. However, it’s not a cure-all solution for digestive problems. If your cat has ongoing digestive issues, it’s

How does yogurt compare to cat-specific probiotic supplements?

While yogurt can provide some probiotics, cat-specific supplements are often more targeted and effective for addressing specific health needs. They are formulated to meet the unique dietary requirements of cats, making them a more reliable choice for probiotic support.

Can I give my cat flavored yogurt?

It’s best to avoid giving cats flavored yogurts. These often contain added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and other ingredients that can harm cats. Stick to plain, non-fat yogurt to ensure safety.

Is there a risk of lactose intolerance with yogurt?

Yes, there is a risk since cats are generally lactose intolerant. However, the fermentation process reduces the lactose content in yogurt, making it more tolerable for some cats. Still, it’s essential to start with a small amount and watch for any signs of digestive upset.


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