Can Dogs Eat Lemon?

Mar 29, 2024 | Dogs & Puppies | 3 comments

Written by: Alex Ramsey. ✓ Medically verified by a licensed veterinarian: Mykhailo Ozmenchuk, DVM. Explore our editorial process.

As dog owners, we often wonder about the safety of sharing human foods with our furry companions. One question that might have crossed your mind is, “Can dogs eat lemons?” 

Lemons, known for their tangy flavor and high vitamin C content, seem refreshing. However, before letting your pup indulge, it’s essential to understand the potential risks associated with dogs consuming citrus fruits.

Are Lemons Safe for Dogs?

While refreshing for us, lemons can be harmful to dogs. Their citric acid and the essential oils found in the peel and leaves, like limonene and psoralens, can upset a dog’s stomach and even be toxic, leading to symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, and tremors. Additionally, some dogs may have allergic reactions to lemon, causing discomfort like itchy skin or swelling.

Given their sensitivity, it’s best to avoid giving dogs lemons or lemon-infused products to safeguard their digestive health and overall well-being.

Why Do Dogs Have a Strong Reaction to Lemons?

Ever caught your dog’s bewildered reaction to a lemon? It mixes comedy and confusion as they sniff, squint, or shy away from the tart citrus.

But this behavior isn’t just for laughs; it’s rooted in their biological makeup and offers a fascinating glimpse into how dogs interact with the world around them.

Sniffing Out the Citrus: Dogs have a sense of smell beyond our own, capable of picking up on a vast spectrum of scents. So, when a lemon comes into play, its potent aroma can overwhelm them. Imagine being hit with a fragrance a hundred times stronger than what you’re used to; you’d likely have a strong reaction, too!

Sour Faces All Around: Unlike humans, dogs have fine-tuned taste buds to detect different flavors, including the intense sourness of a lemon. This heightened awareness can make the taste of lemon sour and almost unbearably so, leading to those hilarious puckered expressions.

Driven by Curiosity: At heart, dogs are explorers eager to investigate anything new or unusual – and a lemon certainly fits the bill. Their poking, prodding, and sometimes even playful interactions with lemons are their way of trying to figure out what this strange new item is.

As peculiar as they may seem, their reactions to lemons are just another layer of their complex, fascinating world.

dog and lemons

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Lemon or Lemon Oils?

In dog ownership, curiosity can sometimes lead our furry companions into trouble. For example, the case of dogs and lemons is one many owners might not consider until it’s right in front of them. If you find your dog has eaten a lemon, here are some guidelines to follow:

Monitor for Any Symptoms: Keep a close eye on your pet for any immediate signs of discomfort. The most common symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea but look for less obvious signs such as excessive drooling or a sudden shift in behavior. This could indicate that the lemon does not agree with your pet’s stomach.

When to Call the Vet: If your dog shows any distressing symptoms, it’s crucial to contact your veterinarian. They can offer the most appropriate advice based on your dog’s health history. Sometimes, what seems minor might require professional attention, especially if you’re unsure how much lemon was consumed.

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Home Remedies Can Wait: It’s tempting to turn to the internet for a quick fix, but it’s always safer to consult your vet first. They know your pet’s health best and can recommend the safest course of action.

Dietary Adjustments: If your vet gives the go-ahead, you might need to temporarily feed your dog a bland diet. This isn’t just about easing their discomfort; it’s about preventing further irritation to their stomach. A simple meal of boiled chicken and rice can often do the trick, offering a gentle way for your dog to recover.

Preventing Future Incidents: This is more about foresight and less about immediate action. Ensure that lemons, and indeed any food that could be harmful, are kept well out of your dog’s reach. It’s better to prevent these situations altogether than to manage them afterward.

It’s interesting to note that while dogs’ reactions to lemons can be funny—there are countless videos showing dogs’ humorous responses—the reality is that lemons contain substances that are not ideal for dogs.

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Their digestive systems are much more sensitive than ours, and what is merely sour to us can harm them. It underscores the importance of being mindful of our pets’ diets and ensuring they’re as safe and healthy as possible.


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Can dogs drink lemon juice?

It’s best to avoid letting your dog consume lemon juice, as it contains higher concentrations of compounds that can harm dogs.

Are there any health benefits of lemons for dogs?

The potential risks outweigh any potential benefits. Dogs receive their necessary nutrients from balanced dog food.

Can citrus fruits cure bad breath in dogs?

While citrus fruits might offer a temporary freshness, they’re not a long-term solution. Regular dental care is a more effective way to tackle bad breath.

Can lemon juice be used as a cleaning agent for dog toys?

Lemon juice’s acidity might not be suitable for cleaning dog toys, as residue could be harmful if ingested. Opt for pet-safe cleaning products instead.

Is it safe to use lemon-scented products around dogs?

Although the smell of lemon is usually not harmful, some dogs may be sensitive to strong odors. Monitor your dog’s behavior and discontinue the product if adverse reactions occur. You may suggest something else to eat Instead.



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