Can Dogs Eat Salmon?

Oct 30, 2023 | Dogs & Puppies | 2 comments

Hey there, fellow dog lover! If you enjoy digging into a delicious salmon dish, you might wonder, β€œCan dogs eat salmon too?” The answer isn’t just a straightforward yes or no. This article will explore the ins and outs of dogs and salmon – the good, the not-so-good, and everything in between.

The Scoop on Salmon Goodness for Dogs

Salmon, the superstar of the seafood world, isn’t just for us humans to relish. This fishy delight is packed with some seriously good stuff that could benefit our furry friends, too. Think about omega-3 fatty acids, top-notch protein, and vitamins D and B12. These are like the VIPs of the nutrient world, and they could also work wonders for dogs.

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Omega-3s, the superheroes of fatty acids, are known for their heart-boosting, inflammation-soothing, and brainpower-enhancing qualities in us humans. Guess what? Dogs might enjoy these perks, too! These fatty acids could lend a helping paw in keeping joints happy and coats shiny. Fatty acids help manage certain pesky inflammatory issues in our canine buddies.

And let’s remember the protein punch that salmon delivers. Protein is like the building block of muscles, and dogs, like us, need their muscles in tip-top shape. If your dog is a bundle of energy or a super-active pup, the protein in salmon could be their new best friend.

Cooked or Raw: A Fishy Dilemma

Here’s the catch (pun intended): What about raw salmon? Sushi lovers, brace yourselves. While sharing your precious salmon sashimi with your pup might sound cool, there’s a flip side.

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Raw fish, including salmon, can play host to some unwelcome guests like parasites and nasty bacteria (Salmonella and E. coli). These party crashers can cause tummy trouble, vomiting, diarrhea, and even serious health hiccups.

But don’t despair! There’s a way to make salmon safe for your furball. Cooking it thoroughly makes it drool-worthy and kicks those pesky pathogens to the curb. So, if you’re considering treating your pup, ensure the salmon is cooked perfectly.

Serving Size and Frequency: How Much Salmon Can Dogs Chow Down?

You might think, “But my dog loves salmon so much!” And that’s awesome – but let’s chat about moderation. Like we can’t live on pizza alone (sigh), dogs shouldn’t feast on salmon day in and day out. Remember, balance is key to a happy pup.

As a rule of paws, keep salmon treats under 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. This includes all the goodies they munch on throughout the day. Dogs need a mix of nutrients to stay healthy, and going overboard on any treat can throw things out of whack. So, share the salmon love, but in sensible portions.

The Flip Side: When Salmon Turns Sour

Time for a reality check – not all dogs are destined to be salmon aficionados. Some pups might be allergic to fish, including salmon.

If you spot your furry friend scratching like there’s no tomorrow, breaking out in rashes, or dealing with tummy tantrums after munching on salmon, it’s time to consult the doggy doctor. Oh, and remember those sneaky bones?

Cooked salmon bones can be troublemakers. They can splinter and cause serious choking hazards or blockages in your dog’s belly.

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Aim for boneless and skinless salmon treats to keep your pup safe and sound. It’s all about the safety dance regarding our four-legged pals.

Wrapping it Up: Tasty Treats, Tread Carefully.

So, can dogs eat salmon? Absolutely! But let’s add a pinch of caution. Cooked, boneless, and skinless salmon can make tails wag and tummy content. Those omega-3s, proteins, and vitamins can greatly benefit your pup’s health.

Remember, though, that balance is essential. Treats are treats, not the main course. And if anything seems off after your furry friend enjoys their salmon snack, give your vet a ring. Now you’ve got the scoop on dogs and salmon – happy munching for you and your furry companion!


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Can dogs eat canned salmon?

Yes, dogs can have canned salmon, but make sure it’s boneless without added spices. Opt for water-packed options and check the ingredients for safety.

Are salmon oil supplements beneficial for dogs?

Indeed, salmon oil contains omega-3s that support skin health, inflammation, and cognitive function. Remember to consult a vet for proper dosing.

Is sharing cooked salmon skin with dogs okay?

Skipping cooked salmon skin is better, as it can be fatty. Opt for boneless and skinless pieces for your furry friend.

Is there a difference between wild-caught and farm-raised salmon for dogs?

Wild-caught salmon contains more omega-3s. Choose this option and avoid heavily processed or seasoned varieties.

Can dogs with sensitive stomachs have salmon?

Yes, but be cautious. Monitor their reaction. Cooked salmon might be a gentler choice for their stomachs.

Can I cook salmon with herbs for my dog?

It’s best to avoid herbs and spices. Stick to plain options for your dog’s safety.

What are alternatives to salmon for dogs?

Certainly, consider mackerel, sardines, or trout. They’re also rich in omega-3s. Introduce new foods gradually.



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