Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet?

Mar 29, 2024 | Dogs & Puppies | 1 comment

Written by: Alex Ramsey. ✓ Medically verified by a licensed veterinarian: Mykhailo Ozmenchuk, DVM. Explore our editorial process.

Dogs’ inclination to lick human feet is not merely a quirk but is rooted in deep-seated evolutionary behavior. This instinctual act, passed down from their ancestors in the wild, serves multiple functions, from the earliest puppyhood moments of seeking nourishment to expressing submission and forging bonds within their pack as they grow.

The phenomenon of dogs lavishing your feet with what can only be described as slobbery affection is curious and endearing. But what drives this specific behavior?

Why Do Dogs Lick Humans’ Feet?

Your feet become a focal point for your dog’s licks because of their extraordinary olfactory system. A dog’s sense of smell is exceptionally acute, making them sensitive to the unique bouquet of human scents, particularly those emanating from body parts like the feet, known for their sweat production. Through licking your feet, dogs gather information about your health, mood, and even the nuances of your daily life, maintaining a deep, intuitive connection.

Should I Let My Dog Lick My Feet?

Deciding whether to allow this behavior is a matter of personal comfort and health safety. Generally, minimal risk is involved if you and your dog enjoy this interaction. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution if you have any open wounds, skin sensitivities, or allergies. Additionally, maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene is imperative to prevent the transmission of bacteria.

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How to Stop Dog From Licking Feet?

Addressing your dog’s inclination to lick your feet requires patience, understanding, and strategic behavior modification. As a veterinary professional, I recommend the following approach to gently discourage this behavior while fostering a positive relationship between you and your pet:

  • Implementing Positive Reinforcement

The cornerstone of altering any pet’s behavior is positive reinforcement. Celebrate moments when your dog chooses not to engage in foot-licking by offering praise, treats, or their preferred toy. This positive association teaches them that refraining from licking is noticed and rewarded, encouraging them to repeat these desirable behaviors.

  • Engagement and Distraction

Redirect your dog’s focus away from foot-licking by introducing activities that capture their interest and provide mental stimulation. Toys that encourage interaction, puzzle feeders, and active games like fetch can all divert their attention healthily and engagingly. Find the perfect storage solution for your pet’s playthings with our selection of stylish baskets for dog toys.

  • Encouraging Alternative Behaviors

Training your dog to perform a mutually exclusive action with licking—such as sitting or giving a paw—provides them with a clear alternative. Prompt this alternative behavior when you anticipate a licking attempt, rewarding them for compliance. This not only prevents unwanted behavior but also reinforces obedience and understanding.

  • Setting Clear Boundaries

The command “leave it” is invaluable in managing foot-licking and many forms of undesirable behavior. Teaching your dog to respond to this command offers a direct way to halt licking attempts in real time, reinforcing your role as leader and their understanding of boundaries. Training sessions are more effective when your dog has a comfortable, dedicated space. Explore our range of collapsible dog crates for a convenient and cozy spot for your pet.

  • Establishing a Comfort Zone

Creating a designated area for your dog to relax near you, such as a specific blanket or bed, can offer a compromise. Encouraging them to stay in this designated “safe zone” while in your presence allows for closeness without encouraging the foot-licking habit. Reward them for staying in this area to reinforce this positive behavior.

Incorporating these methods into your daily routine can effectively reduce or eliminate your dog’s foot-licking behavior, fostering a healthier dynamic that respects your comfort and your dog’s instincts. Remember, consistency and patience are key in any behavioral modification effort.

the dog is lying on its feet

What Should I Do If My Dog Licks My Feet Too Much?

When you notice your dog’s interest in licking your feet has become excessive, taking proactive steps is crucial. Initially, they try to divert their focus towards more suitable activities. Engaging your dog in physical and mental exercises can significantly diminish their preoccupation with licking. Additionally, it’s wise to consult with a veterinarian to ensure no health concerns motivate this behavior.

In Closing

The habit of your dog licking your feet is a complex mix of affection, curiosity, and their instinctual desire for closeness. While it’s important to appreciate this bonding gesture, maintaining a balance is key. Comfort levels vary from one pet owner to another, and it’s important that both you and your dog feel comfortable and happy with the level of interaction.

Whether you enjoy affectionate licks or prefer to minimize them, the depth of your bond with your pet remains unaffected. Your relationship with your furry companion is built on a foundation of love and mutual respect, transcending the nuances of such behaviors.


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Is it normal for my dog to lick my feet so much?

Yes, it’s pretty standard. Dogs use licking to express their affection and closeness to you.

Can licking feet be a sign of anxiety in dogs?

Yes, excessive licking can sometimes indicate anxiety. If you’re concerned, consult a veterinarian.

How can I redirect my dog’s licking behavior?

Offer toys or engage in interactive play to redirect their attention positively.

Are there health risks associated with letting my dog lick my feet?

While it’s generally safe, be cautious if you have allergies or skin sensitivities. Also, ensure your dog has good oral hygiene.

Can I train my dog to stop licking feet thoroughly?

While complete cessation might be challenging, consistent positive reinforcement can help reduce the behavior.

Why does my dog only lick certain people’s feet?

Dogs are drawn to different scents. Your dog might have a stronger connection with the smell of specific individuals.

Is it ok for dogs to lick their paws?

It’s generally expected for dogs to lick their paws occasionally. Dogs use licking to groom themselves and explore their surroundings. However, excessive or obsessive paw licking could indicate an underlying issue requiring attention.

The unique connection with our canine companions comes with numerous advantages. Learn more about the benefits of having a dog to appreciate their positive impact on our lives.


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